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The Time Twisters is Book Two of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.

Marc McKnight is an Army Ranger major with romantic commitment issues. He commands a team of Rangers and civilian scientists who conduct historical research using time travel technology.

McKnight’s team is approached by a distraught mother with a strange story. Her missing daughter has impossibly appeared as a suicide victim in a 25-year-old documentary film. Her story is the first clue that history has somehow been altered. McKnight’s team investigates and encounters dangerous adversaries who have already changed our history and will do anything to accomplish their goal - to steal the Presidency of the United States.

The Time Twisters - e-book cover.jpg

On November 4th in 2019, Kim met with old friend and podcast guru Stan Bush at Starbuck’s in the Avalon Village in Alpharetta Georgia. Stan ( broadcast the following podcast interview with Kim live from that location.