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This is my “About Kim” Page. You might be sorry you asked.

If you’re wanted to find out who I am and what I’m all about, then this is the right page.

So, here’s a few basic facts. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Mathematics Education. I taught high school math and coached soccer for two years, then left that career to get into computer programming. After a long career in IT (very long), I retired to focus on my passions.

I’m passionate about three things:  my family, my writing, and my music. I’ll try to address each of them in a separate section so you can skip over the stuff you don’t care about.

Author Kim Megahee

On December 30, 2018, I married my soulmate wife, the former Martha Scott.

We’re both retired from corporate jobs now, but we’re still pretty busy. Martha does a lot of civic work and is on the board of directors for a local school. And I write and play music.

Martha and I have six kids between us from previous marriages and some of them have families of their own. We’re like most extended families – there’s no shortage of drama and challenges. But that’s part of life and at least it keeps things interesting.

Martha and I get together with each of the kids as often as we can. Family is more important than anything else.

Leo on bench.jpeg

When I married Martha, I inherited Leo, the brilliant but stubborn red-headed toy poodle. He’s the sweetest little dog ever, but as stubborn as the day is long.

He's very intelligent for a dog. He's learned (and so have we) that he will sit down when he wants to answer "NO" to a question. 

We literally try to ask him yes-or-no questions and watch what he does. 

If the answer is NO, he sits down.

If the answer is YES, he gets excited and jumps around. 

Pretty smart.  Who knew? 


I never thought much about writing when I was young. I started my writing career late in life, after talking to a former student and getting harassed by her for not writing down all the stories I was fond of telling over the years.  After thinking about it, I sat down and wrote a memoir about camping with my brother.  I showed it to my friend and she passed it on to David Skinner, the editor of the online magazine “”. It was published in the e-magazine and you can read “The Camping Parachute” at the link below.  By the way, this e-magazine is a great way to really learn about the Southern United States. Oh, and the student who encouraged me? Her name is Lisa Love and she is a regular contributor for

So I wrote “Time Limits” a few years ago and it’s now available in a number of outlets or directly from this website. You can purchase it online or on my Bookstore page.

You can read more about it elsewhere on this website.

The story idea for “Time Limits” was rattling around in my head for many years before I started writing. I even tried to talk my mom into writing it, but she kept pushing it back at me.  She had her own books to work on and she knew I could do it. There are links to her books as well as my daughter Megan’s book on the Bookstore page.

Author Kim Megahee

In the early 1960’s, two bands showed up in England – the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Shortly after, I went to a sock hop at the local recreation center down in Warner Robins, Georgia (my hometown). A band called “The Bushmen” provided the music and all the girls I had crushes on were standing in front of the band and looking all dreamy-eyed. This 13-year-old was hooked for life. It looked like a good job to me. I decided to learn to play the guitar.

Kim and Ruby Rickenbacker.jpg

Of course, it wasn’t long before I found out how much fun it was, just to make music. For me, it was the ultimate team sport – practice after school (rehearsal), work out plays (songs), and schedule some games (gigs). I switched to play bass guitar early on and worked to get better. I’m not the best or fastest player by far. I consider myself pretty average, but I like to think my bass parts fit the songs we play and I provide a good foundation for the band.

One of my greatest dreams is to be invited to sit in on bass for the Rock Bottom Remainders, a rock group consisting of published authors. That would be a great honor.

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