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What Shall We Talk About?

In the words of a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” villain, “What shall we talk about?”


Mostly, this blog will talk about the things I’m passionate about  - family, writing and music. Some lessons learned, some ideas and/or realizations that dawned on me. These things are on my mind all the time.


But I expect some of the lessons I have learned over the years will leak in and will be of some value. I have a lot of friends who have related experiences to me that you might like to read. I hope all my posts will provide you with value, but no guarantees.


At any rate, I plan to keep the blog entries fairly short. If one of them turns out to be long, I’ll warn you at the beginning so you can manage your time.


If I was as profound a thinker as Seth Godin, I’d post something every day. Since I’m in awe of that level of understanding and not nearly as astute, I hope to post every two weeks or so, and hopefully I’ll have something to say that you’ll find interesting. 


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Cheers and Regards,