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What could you do?

Just a short (hopefully) comment on our current plague situation...

I know that many companies are looking at this and asking themselves, "How do we change how we operate so we don't have to go through this again?"

I believe that we, as individuals, should be thinking about the same thing. Our country was grounded in the ability of individuals to develop a skill and use it to provide a living for ourselves and our families. I think it makes sense for every individual to consider that idea.

What hobby do you have that you could turn into an income that doesn't need a lot of personal interaction with others?

Can you make things, whether they be knick-knacks, furniture, decorations, engines?

Could you write a book?

Could you provide editing services for other writers?

Can you fix things?

All these things are skills you could turn into an income over time. What it takes is some thinking and preparation so you can be set up to generate income before you need it.

Think about it.

You might realize that you have more options that you thought because of the things you love to do.

Think about it.

Did I mention that you should think about it?

Cheers and Regards.

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