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the Time Patriot Series

Episode 1 - Hail Mary Pass

A Hail Mary Pass - that's what the President of the United States called it.

What are the chances Marc McKnight's time travel team can convince George Washington to leave his home and travel with them to the year 2037?

Episode 2 - Stranger

Safely arrived in the year 2037, General George Washington is a ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.

Settling in at his historic home at Mount Vernon, he finds himself in a world where his vision for America is crumbling before his eyes.  

Episode 3 - Politics

If George Washington were alive today, how would he respond to the politics of the 21st century?

In this continuing story set in the year 2037, President Harrison has asked General George Washington to speak to the American People about the vision the Founding Fathers had for America.

Episode 4 - Survival

Survival is the exciting conclusion of George Washington’s trip to the twenty-first century.

While President Harrison works to avert World War III, the FBI and McKnight’s time travel team close in on Islamic terrorists and modern-day Nazis who share the same goal: to assassinate George Washington. 

the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures Series

Time Limits

An Army captain attempts to solve a fifty-year-old cold case murder with time travel and finds the girl of his dreams in the past.

Time Limits is Book One of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.

The Time Twisters

McKnight’s team investigates a missing girl and encounters dangerous adversaries who have already changed our history to steal the Presidency of the United States.​

The Time Twisters is Book Two of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.

Time Revolution

When a familiar modus operandi reappears, Major Marc McKnight and Captain Winston Tyler travel to 2086 to identify the radical forces and stop their assault on the present. But when the enemy takes from McKnight what he holds dearest, it's all-out war across time.

Time Revolution is Book Three of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.

Time Plague

It’s 2036 and time travel experts are racing to stop a future plague capable of causing mass extinction in less than 40 years. 

But Marc McKnight and his team’s success depends on Rachel Patterson, an incarcerated time traveler from the future who is violently obsessed with him. 

Time Plague is Book 4 of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.


Author Kim Megahee
The Child of two Worlds

Schuyler Chase appears to be a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl in suburban Atlanta. In reality, she is an immortal being caught in an epic war between vampires and werewolves. As a half-vampire, half-werewolf hybrid, Skye is an abomination to both--hated, feared and hunted because of her superior supernatural powers.

Skye hides from her relentless enemies by pretending to be a high school senior, each year switching schools to keep up the ruse. In her newest school she quickly makes friends, only to discover that they too are immortals--werewolves from the same pack that had killed her parents sixty years earlier. One of them is the devilishly handsome Zac, whose blood calls to her like a siren's song.

Skye fears that her new friends will kill her the moment they discover what she is, despite their opinions about the pointless blood feud. Time and again they stand by her and protect her. But will they be able to stop themselves when their free will is taken from them? Will Skye be forced to kill them to survive?

Author Kim Megahee
Rivers Bend

Julie Teston was in a hurry to join her extended family for a relaxing weekend at their home at River’s Bend. Looking for a temporary escape from her hectic life, she knew she would find good food, good company, and mental and emotional rest there.


But she didn’t know she would also find fear, suspicion, and…murder.


After a record period of heavy rain, the river exceeded flood stage and thirteen people are stranded together at River's Bend. No one expected that one of them would be murdered.


Julie is a young housewife with courage, grit, and lots of curiosity. Join her as she figures out what happened and "whodunit".


RIVER'S BEND is a riveting mystery novella. It is Hazel Davis Megahee's second book.

Author Kim Megahee
The Madcap Heiress

Cassandra Brooklin, disinherited granddaughter of the late millionaire, Neede Brooklin, had a reputation for hare-brained escapades when she was young. So, when she awoke to find herself in a shallow grave in a rural dump site, she was afraid no one would believe her story if she went to the police.


Confused and emotionally devastated, she hides out with the help of a childhood friend until she can sort it all out. She was disinherited – why would anyone want her dead?


She can’t figure out the motive, but it doesn’t stop them from trying again.

Who could have done this to her? Her avaricious husband? Her cousins who inherited Neede’s fortunes? Or someone else? 

With the help of her childhood friend Rowdy Blaine and Doctor Micah Powers, she races against time to find the motive and the assailant before her attacker tries again… and succeeds.

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