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The Time Patriot Series


Book 2 of the Time Patriot Series (Released 8/15/2023)

Stranger - back cover.png

Safely arrived in the year 2037, General George Washington is a ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.


Settling in at his historic home at Mount Vernon, he finds himself in a world where his vision for America is crumbling before his eyes.  

President Harrison has asked Washington to speak to the American People about how the Founding Fathers intended the US government to operate. 

Charged with protecting General Washington, Marc McKnight and his team of time travel experts must address threats from multiple directions. 

Career politicians and the corporate media plot to stop Washington from upsetting the status quo. 

International adversaries believe Washington’s death would prevent the ratification of the US Constitution in 1787 and cut off the ascension of America to superpower status before it starts.  

This mission is McKnight’s biggest challenge. He must protect Washington and ensure that he returns to 1787 to attend the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia. 

STRANGER is episode TWO of THE TIME PATRIOT, the new Marc McKnight Adventures series by Kim Megahee.

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