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The Time Patriot Series


Book 3 of the Time Patriot Series (Released 8/29/2023)

Politics - back cover.png

If George Washington were alive today, how would he respond to the politics of the 21st Century?

In this continuing story set in the year 2037, President Harrison has asked General George Washington to speak to the American People about the vision the Founding Fathers had for America. 

The Deep State is desperate to discredit Washington, but he isn’t afraid to speak truth and wants to go head-to-head with the Corporate Media.

Foreign powers continue their plans to prevent Washington from returning to 1787 and chairing the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia. 

Marc McKnight and his time travel team continue to investigate how pre-World War II Nazis obtained time travel capability and how to take it from them. 

Time is running out for McKnight and his team to eliminate the threats and return Washington safely to his own time.

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