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The Time Patriot Series


Book 4 of the Time Patriot Series (Release date:  9/12/2023)

Survival - back cover.png

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Survival is the exciting conclusion of George Washington’s trip to the twenty-first century. 

While President Harrison works to avert World War III, the FBI and McKnight’s time travel team close in on Islamic terrorists and modern-day Nazis who share the same goal: to assassinate George Washington.  

McKnight and the FBI plan and execute a raid on a Nazi Enclave in Idaho to find and eliminate their time travel ability.

The FBI raids the hideout of the Islamic terrorists, but one escapes… the only one who can still carry out their plan. 

If Washington manages to return to his own time, McKnight knows a sleeper assassin is waiting for him in 1787.   

SURVIVAL is episode FOUR and the conclusion of The Time Patriot, the new Marc McKnight Adventure series by Kim Megahee.

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