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The Time Patriot Series


Time Limits
Book 1 of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures Series

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An Army captain uses time travel to solve a fifty-year-old cold case murder.

Time Limits is a story about time travel, a murder mystery, and a man's love for a woman he can't have. 

In 1985, an executive was murdered in an Atlanta office building. Fifty years later, a powerful US Senator pressures a team of experts to use newly developed but limited Time Travel technology to investigate the cold case murder. 
Army officer Marc McKnight undertakes the mission, but he barely arrives in the past before he prevents an attractive young woman from meeting her future husband. 
With the help of his support team, McKnight races against time to set history back on the right track and solve the murder.


Time Limits is Book 1 of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventure Series.

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