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The Time Patriot Series


Time Revolution
Book 3 of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures Series

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In 2036, unidentified agents from the future are using time travel and murder to change history. Only Major Mark McKnight and his team of time travel experts stand in their way.

TIME REVOLUTION is Book 3 of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures series.

When the murders are discovered, McKnight has no clues and only one lead - an unbalanced enemy who lives in the future.

But after kidnapped officer Karen Hatcher escapes and returns from the future, McKnight has enough intel to lead a mission to 2086 to stop the anarchists.

Hatcher has been changed by her ordeal. Is she still the fierce and dedicated warrior he knew, or a devastating weapon aimed at McKnight's team?

Angered by McKnight's interference, the enemy responds by taking what he treasures most.

Now, with everything he cares about at risk, it's all-out war across time.
Get it now, before the price changes!

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